FWE SIMSTADt Biomass Extension

SimStadt is an urban simulation tool in development during various research projects since 2015. Up to now the potential of photovoltaic, solar thermal energy and building heating demands can be assessed at the level of individual buildings. SimStadt uses the City Geography Mark-up Language (CityGML), which describes 3D urban building models.

Work has been conducted to extend SimStadt tool with a new FWE assessment extension. This work introduces a new workflow, which evaluates regional bioenergy potentials and its impact on water demand based on geographical information system (GIS)-based land use data, satellite maps on local crop types and soil types, and conversion factors from biomass to bioenergy.




FWE web based 3D viewer  – Landkreis Ludwigsburg  Case Study


FWE web based 3D viewer  – Meidling  Case Study Vienna


Research Team:  Keyu Bao, Rushikesh Padsala, Volker Coors